designing a product is designing a relationship.
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our company specializes in web design using the latest technologies available.

factor e design offers several internet design services. we design visually stunning web sites corporate presentations to fit a variety of needs. this can range from a conservative corporate web site with eye popping visual effects. we also specialize in animated interfaces, web site introductions, and full blown animated web sites.
with the internet expanding each day, web site builders often find themselves with more design questions than answers. if you or your company is unsure about which path to take, we can provide the answers that you may be looking for. with a vast knowledge of web site design, we present our clients with the options that they have and help we feel that the diversity of our services separate us from the competition.

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web sites

we believe that the most important factor when developing a corporate web site is that it is tailored to convey the overall corporate presence and identity of the company.
using the latest development tools, we ensure that your site conveys your identity and simultaneously serve as a marketing tool to enhance your company's competitiveness.
those that realise this today will undoubtably have the leading edge into the 21st century.

creative ideas

factor e design invites you in a dimensionless journey into the unforseen era of multimedia design. the boundless potential of the internet will be brought to life through our storm of ideas and creativity.
experience for yourself what can be achieved with the mind.


digital media provides unlimited availability of interactivity which bears no restrictions on our creative capabilities.
multimedia presentations development will provide the ultimate promotional tool especially for established companies who are conscious about the importance of their image and identity.
factor e design will provide you with the most professional and productive promotional tool in the form of digital catalogues, brochures and presentations.

corporate identity

as an individual possesses his or her own attributes, so do companies. some of it comes from the company's own internal infrastructure but much of it is derived from the image it conveys to the public at large. creating and maintaning a corporate identity requires extensive research as well as ingenuity.
exposing a company's identity through image and design will inevitably play a crucial role in deciding its position in the market.
a free, comprehensive consultation is recommended as always.


“factor e design delivered three proposed design ideas within a very tight timeline - of which all were strong contenders for the final design. I was impressed by how quickly they showed a good understanding of our company and what we needed. Throughout the project we were given excellent care and guidance - they were quick, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend to anyone.”

Mr. Anuj Kapadia, Mumbai

"We will forever be grateful to factor e design for giving a look to our "Brand". He's never been pushy and has always been more than helpful on any question I've asked. If you're looking for someone that's honest, hardworking, talented, forward thinking and economical; He's the MAN!"

Mr. kewal Shroff, Mumbai


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